Life (humans + nature + planet)

Life (humans + nature + planet)

Hope that the rights, in this new constitution, can be based on this gift, this thing, this existence, we receive and came, without knowing why, from where, to where, just knowing that in here, in this time and space, we have rights and responsibility┬┤s to life, and all this means and contains, we have a duty to each other and our environment, where we live.


Fundamental Rights

I like the idea of 'responsibility for eachother and for the environment'. I think that should be a vital part of a new European Constitution. We have an obligation towards the planet. It's more than policies, it should be part of everyone's lives. We are all part of the same system. We should feel responsible.

Very poetic, it's great to have that thing, that existence, mentioned in the constitution, not very yconcrete though.. Wht does the word Hope refer to is it a verb or not?

Nice text. I would interpret this as a value that we should give more priority to people and planet than to profit

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